Limoncello, a lemon liquor full of Italian sunshine
Limoncella, an intoxicating mystery with a sweet tang

Limoncella plays SWEETe
a Contemporary Suite inspired by Taste

about Limoncella

Four women, creative   and passionate musicians, looking for new paths in their music with the titilating lineup of groovy bass, expressive viola, raging tap dance and a rock diva voice. Limoncella brings a fresh approach to ensemble music, roaming freely between composed and improvised music. A dventurous in musicality, innovative in instrumentation, daring as they leap from free jazz to alternative rock and classical melodies.

about SWEETe

SWEETe is inspired by six tastes: tasteless, sweet, bitter, salt, sour and hot, resulting in a theatrical, colorful suite in six parts that follows the classical structure of prelude, allemande, courante, sarabande, menuet and gigue.

To experience the concert to its full extent, the audience gets six sweets which correspond with the scenes of the suite. While the taste spreads through the mouth and activates various braincells, one enters the musical taste-tales of SWEETe . From tooth-crackingly sweet pink to rocking red hot, each taste has a unique sound and color.

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phone: +31 20 675 2723

Limoncella is based in Amsterdam, Holland. They will be touring with SWEETe in 2007/2008.
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SWEETe in your venue or festival, please contact us.


Dorona Alberti - voice

Saskia Meijs - viola / violin

Marije Nie - tap dance / electronics