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6 Strategies to Help Your Students Become Algebra Ready

July 07, 2021


How Teachers Can Empower Students to Achieve With Confidence

When students are engaged in deeper learning, algebraic reasoning can be nurtured and promoted at any age. Using the principles of deeper learning both in the classroom and with digital technology, educators can help elementary, middle, and high school students overcome barriers to learning algebra.

Deeper learning and blended learning can expand teacher capacity. The possibilities and opportunities provided by blended learning models using appropriate digital tools and adaptive capabilities can support differentiation, acceleration, and remediation to enable student understanding. For teachers with a large number of students, adaptive learning technologies extend the capacity to individualize lessons and enhance student learning.

Learn how you can help your students become algebra-ready! This white paper discusses the six competencies of deeper learning and shares strategies for using these competencies to make learning algebra more empowering, effective, and meaningful.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Barriers to algebra learning
  • Six ways to use deeper learning in our digital age
  • Practical suggestions and strategies to help teachers and students

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