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DreamBox Learning Professional Development

The value of our professional development partnership continues to grow across school years as new teachers are introduced to DreamBox and experienced educators have opportunities to further develop and refine mathematical pedagogy.

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We empower educators through continuous learning
DreamBox professional development team

Partnering for Growth

Designed to enhance instructional practice

Our experienced professional development team is powered by former educators with deep knowledge of K–8 mathematics learning and blended-learning practices. We offer a variety of models to meet your needs. You can engage in live, interactive professional development sessions or participate in self-paced, on-demand learning. It's your choice.
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On-Demand Learning

DreamBox University

DreamBox University is a robust library of guided resources designed to provide on-demand professional development opportunities for educators to access when needed, all at their own pace.
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All Access Support

Complimentary onboarding course

As educators plan and design their DreamBox classroom, they can participate in the short, targeted introductory course, Getting Started with DreamBox, to help guide their implementation. To access the course, visit DreamBox Quick Links by clicking on the DreamBox icon in the right corner of the Insights Dashboard.
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Expert Advice

National webinars

Educators can join one of our many live webinars to hear about best practices from DreamBox experts. Click on the DreamBox icon in the right corner of the Insights Dashboard to register.

Understanding DreamBox and the Adaptive Engine

Introduce educators to the how and why of DreamBox Learning.

Establishing and maintaining the power of DreamBox

Provide educators with strategies for integrating DreamBox with fidelity.

Understanding student data and reporting

Analyze and interpret DreamBox data in alignment with implementation goals.

Synchronous and asynchronous remote learning strategies

Provide educators with strategies for strong remote learning implementation.

Developing confident mathematicians

Strengthen math culture and support student mathematical mindsets.

Leadership’s role in DreamBox implementation

Strengthen implementation through planning, execution, and sustained support.


A plan for success

DreamBox Professional Development focuses on all the key areas critical to math teaching and learning success.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

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